How to apply


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What to expect

Thinking of working for us? That’s great! But before you apply here’s a few tips from our employment experts.

Cover letter

When you’re sending us a letter as part of your application always remember to include the following:

  1. -details of your current employment, aspects of the role and your position in the company

  2. -why you are the perfect person for the job

  3. -what you can bring to the job, your skills and experience

  4. -be enthusiastic about your application and interests

  5. -stress any experience relevant to the role

  6. -don’t experiment with crazy fonts and layouts, keep it neat, brief and to the point

  7. -use standard letter formats

CV (send this if we do NOT require you to complete an application form)

Your CV should possess these elements and follow these rules:

  1. -be as concise as possible, but make sure you include sufficient details for us to see what you have been doing - don’t hide details which make you shine - if it makes you look good include it!

  2. -ensure that everything included is relevant

  3. -consider what the role calls for and tailor your CV accordingly

  4. -again, avoid any whacky layouts, fonts, colours and text sizes

  5. -divide your CV into easily discernible sections, such as personal details, current roles, previous roles, education, training, outside interests, etc.

  6. -always check your spelling and grammar

  7. -always have someone check it before you pop it in the post to our Head Office


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