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Head & Short Podiatrists Ltd. - Registered in England

Company Registration No. 6741445 VAT Registration No. 975 7625 65


My career highs

  1. new lunula laser (pure love!)

  2. 2.serial casting successes

  3. 3.working with nice people

  4. 4.winning best paper at SCP Conf!

Kelsey Short - Director Musculoskeletal Lead

“I know I’m biased as I am one of the founders, however......I think the practice is a great place to work! We are blessed with diligent hard working people who specialise in being friendly.

Our ethos is “going the extra mile” to provide every-day superior patient care and to always be professional no matter what your job in the practice - everyone’s role is important. We rely on staff with a winning attitude - there’s no space for ME it’s got to be WE! If that sounds like you why not come and join us?”

My career highs

  1. 1.passing my degree with first class honours

  2. 2.Successful orthotic manufacture

  3. 3.Learning about trigger point massage

  4. 4.working within a great team of enthusiastic people (it makes a difference!)

Robert Saunders

Associate Podiatrist

“I qualified from Brighton University in 2010 and came into the practice as a new graduate. From the moment you enter the business you realise it is not just a routine Podiatry clinic, but a forward thinking practice which looks to support and develop Podiatrists. From this, the aim is to provide every patient with the best possible care brought about by up-to-date, highly skilled and passionate Podiatrists.

From my first day, I was put through an exciting mentoring programme, which allowed me to learn about the practice and apply treatments to patients. Mr Head and Mr Short are both experienced and forward-thinking Podiatrists, and by working with them made it a very thought-provoking experience, which allowed me to challenge my own practical skills and knowledge base in order to step forward as a professional Podiatrist. Once in clinics, you are always very busy with many different patients needing very different treatments. One minute you are doing a corn, then a biomechanical assessment issuing orthotics and then a nail surgery. The variety has allowed me to become a more rounded and experienced Podiatrist, while the variety allows me to still be excited and motivated about coming to work.

Each and every Podiatrist within the business is friendly, hard-working and dedicated. Due to us all working around the several different sites, we are all only ever one phone call or internet chat away from some advice, support or a general chat. The reception staff are also key to the business. They are all very experienced who work hard to allow the clinics to run smoothly and support us on a day-to-day basis. All together this makes the practice a great place to work.

One of the key foundations of the business is that the Podiatrists are challenged to continually develop. We are all regularly going on courses to add new skills to our practice, or improve on knowledge that we already have. We are all very supportive of one another, and we regularly get together for CPD in house training sessions. This allows us all to catch up, learn new and interesting things and discuss patient cases. This is all done in a very relaxed atmosphere with drinks and nibbles - it’s a great way to learn. We all take it in turns to present to the group and it gives us a sense of community within the business.

Head and Short is a practice which looks to change and progress constantly. The business has a computer system for our communications and notes which works online, all internal paperwork/information is cloud based, we even have an online earnings website (so i can see what I earn from anywhere). Because of the number of sites, the system allows us to be in touch with our notes from any computer at any time, even on smartphones and ipads. Some of the computers are also touch screen, and with these types of technological systems in place it allows our business to be efficient and look professional to our patients.

To work here means you need to be willing to work hard, develop through critical reflection and be completely committed to helping each and every patient through well thought-out treatment plans. However, with this you are provided with fantastic support, a friendly working environment and busy clinics with lots of variety. If you want to move forward as a Podiatrist, advance your skills and increase your scope of practice.......this is the place for you.”