Mr Kelsey Short - Podiatrist/Sports Therapist


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MSc, BSc. (Hons), DPodM, MSCP, HCPC Reg.

Qualifications/Courses attended:

Undergraduate diploma in Chiropody, post graduate conversion to BSc, Basic Life support, Immediate Life support, Anaphylaxis in clinical practice, Diabetes Masterclass, MSc in Sports Injuries, Medical Acupuncture (University of Westminster), Sports Massage (MMU), Mobilisation of the foot and ankle (Jedynak and Brett), Bonesetter Course, Osteopathic foot mobilisation course (B. Joseph). He has attended numerous courses and seminars on Paediatric gait abnormalities including toe walking, intoeing, hypermobility, hemiplegic gaits, MSK deficits in the dyspraxic child and the paediatric flat foot.

He is a registered Sport Therapist in addition to being an MSK Specialist Podiatrist (an extended scope practitioner).

Where and when did you qualify?

Durham School of Podiatric Medicine in 1990 - undergraduate

Southampton University in 1999 - BSc Hons in Podiatric Research Methods

Manchester Metropolitan University in 2009 - MSc Science of Sports Injuries

Where do you work?

Upon graduation (1990) I commenced work in West Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust and became the team leader for MSK (gait analysis and biomechanics) until December 2002. I have been full-time with the practice since then....and work four days a week clinically, and one day a week in senior management.

What are your career interests?

I enjoy investigating the cause of overuse injuries in runners and paediatric gait abnormalities, obtaining a diagnosis for the patient and offering a suitable care program. I specialise in the provision of all types of foot orthoses, braces, adult and paediatric footwear, serial casting, exercises programmes (resistance strength training, flexibility, balance and co-ordination), mobilisation, acupuncture and provide advice on training programs for recreational runners. I use the pressure measurement (Rs Scan) plate to provide pressure data for high risk Diabetics.

What are your research interests?

For my Honours Degree I studied plantar fasciitis and compared non-casted and casted (custom) foot orthoses for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Both types of foot orthoses were found to be equally effective at reducing symptoms of plantar fasciitis and non casted foot orthoses were found to be more cost effective.

For my Masters Degree I studied running economy in flat footed runners and the affect of custom foot orthoses in the short and longterm. This studied looked at oxygen uptake and whether there was a difference between flat footed and high arched runners (with normal ankle joint range of motion) and whether custom foot orthoses made a difference. The study found no change in oxygen uptake between foot types or over time. This was possibly due to the small sample size and that differences in the oxygen uptake of lower leg muscles is too small to be detected over and above the larger muscles groups of the lower limb.

I presented my Masters research at the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Conference in Glasgow (2012) and won the prize for best paper at the conference.

When did you join the practice?

At the start - 18 years ago!

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I have always pursued strength training, swimming and cycling, but is also a keen yachtsman, with RYA day skipper and yachtmaster theory qualifications; in the last few years I have completed 3 half marathons and 2 London to Brighton bike rides rising significant sums for charity. I am currently studying French for beginners.