What is a Podiatrist?

“Podiatrist is the modern name for a Chiropodist”


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Podiatrists are specialists who:

  1. -Are responsible for the early diagnosis of many health problems

  1. -Play a key role in preventing and treating those aspects which affect the foot and lower limb

  1. -Provide a fully comprehensive foot health service, including:

Relief of pain caused by deformities and dysfunction

  1. -short term treatment of immediate relief of painful symptoms

  1. -long term management

Curative foot care

  1. -Use of therapeutic techniques, including invasive and non-invasive surgery, steroid injections, laser, etc.

  1. -Prescription and provision of individual appliances and orthoses (prescription insoles)

Preventative services

  1. -Inspection of feet and the detection of foot conditions and foot and ankle related orthopaedic problems, especially in children

  1. -Foot health education

Recognition of medical conditions which manifest themselves in the feet

  1. -Treatment and alleviation of resultant foot problems. Examples include ulcerative conditions, Inflammatory Arthropathies and diabetic problems

  1. -We hold bimonthly in-service training meetings to keep the clinical staff up to date in addition to Continual Professional Development courses our staff attend to maintain their professional registration

“Podiatry has changed dramatically in the last 10 years...Podiatrists often perform minor surgery, issue antibiotics, give steroid injections, prescribe custom insoles (orthotics), use laser, ultrasound scanners and

walk-on pressure measurement scanners in their clinics in addition to traditional podiatry treatments”

“did you know Podiatrists are independent practitioners?”