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Head & Short Property Ltd was started in July 2006 by business owners Julian Head and Kelsey Short. We started buying premises which other businesses in the Head & Short group could use. This proved successful and now Head & Short Property has diversified and also comprises the Head & Short Property Partnership.

We own commercial property that not only our own companies use, but are rented to independent Healthcare Providers and Pharmacies, we also develop listed and non-listed properties into mixed use commercial and residential sites as part of our property portfolio.


As a forward thinking company with old fashioned values we are not looking for the fast buck that has become associated with many buy-to-let investors and developers (some now finding themselves in financial difficulty), we buy-to-hold. Head & Short Property pride ourselves on providing quality buildings to our tenants, we happily abide by recent legislation introduced to protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords.


If you require premises for your healthcare business and cannot find what you are looking for, maybe we can help? We have experience of gaining planning consent for mixed use buildings as well as D1 planning consent. If you are a tenant looking for commercial or residential premises please check our available properties page.


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Latest Photos

  1. 1.Kelsey Short & Julian Head

  2. 2.Podiatry practice in Stoke Newington

  3. 3.Refurbishment of one of our properties

  4. 4.excavation work, March 2009

  5. 5.footwear/footcare centre, St Albans High Street


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